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Linda Corcoran, MA PGCert BA (hons)

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Hi, I’m Linda, a mindfulness trainer, creative arts educator, therapeutic mentor and coach. I live with my partner, our daughter and this cheeky chappie in London, UK. I am super passionate about the benefits of both mindfulness and creativity and love helping women and teens develop skills and techniques that help them overcome social, emotional and health challenges so they can lead happier, more authentic and engaged lives. 

My Background

My own mindfulness practice started over 15 years ago when I was diagnosed with leukemia in my 30s. This diagnosis led to much soul searching and as I had always been interested in the mind-body connection, I used this foundation to explore many alternative and complimentary therapies and treatments from Reiki (I even became attuned), Qi gong, various types of meditation including lots of Visualization and Mindfulness, Yoga, Polarity Therapy, Nutritional Therapy, Homeopathy, Kinesiology alongside my treatment to improve my chances of surviving and thriving.

Throughout this extensive exploration, I felt that it was mindfulness and meditation generally that had the biggest impact on the quality of my life and subsequent healing.

Through the practice of mindfulness, I discovered that I had a tendency to suppress my emotions and put others’ needs before my own.  I also discovered that I wasn’t great at dealing with stress, again bottling the symptoms up and numbing them out. Over time I was able to develop the skill of being in the present  in the life I actually had not some vision of how I wanted my life to be and stopped judging my lived experience and getting lost in my thoughts. 

It’s this shift in mindset that mindfulness helps bring about that I am passionate about sharing with others. I believe that the gift of mindfulness is that you start being present for yourself and your loved ones. You wake up to the life you have and start to engage with it without always trying to change or improve it, you start to realise that you and your life are enough just the way you are.

That’s not to say you don’t have hopes and dreams for the future, of course you will, it’s just that you stop coming from a place of lack, a place of “not good enoughness” and instead you make value-based goals from a place of genuine abundance as you feel more content with who you are and where you’re at. 

 My Approach & Philosophy


Certifications and Degrees

  • Masters in Psychology: Mindfulness-Based Approaches from the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University, Wales, UK. This qualification is the longest and most in-depth mindfulness training currently available in the UK and includes certification in teaching Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) as well as the Neuroscience of Mindfulness
  • Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE)with a textiles specialism from John Moores University, Liverpool, UK
  • Bachelor of Arts with honours in Fashion Design with a specialism in sustainable design from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
  • Qualified Teacher Status through the UK Teaching Regulation Agency

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