Mindful Creativity


When we bring mindfulness into creative practice something magical happens. We begin to become aware of our tendencies for our harsh inner critic to belittle our efforts or how we strive towards some idealised view of how the end product ‘should’ look and then judge our end product as not being good enough. And instead, we begin to notice our thoughts and allow them to come and go without paying them too much attention and then just get back to the present moment and into the beautiful freedom of creative flow.

Approaching our creative expression in this way, with a beginner’s mind, being curious about what unfolds as we let go of all expectations and allow the creative expression to be as it is, in the moment. Bliss.

This embodied form of mindfulness, which is multi-sensory, helps us to deeply tune into what is going on for us, beyond the chatter of our day-to-day thoughts and gives us some space to ‘be with’ the reality of our experience. 


 “Inside you there is an artist you don’t know about…
Say yes quickly, if you know, if you’ve known it from before the beginning of the Universe”

With practice, we become more self-aware and open as we gently move towards difficulties in our lives that previously we may have avoided or numbed out like difficult emotions such as self-criticism, fear and grief.

Through this gentle approach to creative expression, we build a nurturing, self-compassionate relationship with ourselves as we learn to listen to our hearts and souls’ needs and desires.

My own life-long creative practise which centres around slow fashion and textiles and journal writing along with my 15-year mindfulness practise has supported me through some of life’s most challenging events and I am passionate about helping others develop these life-enhancing skills to help them thrive amidst the full experience of living.

My creative offerings draw on my 10+ years of experience teaching creative arts to hundreds of students, young and old, as well as my therapeutic coaching and mentoring work. They combine mindfulness practices with a whole range of opportunities for creative expression including stitching and other textiles practices, journal writing, drawing, painting, collage, photography and more.

Courses and workshops are available online with some in-person courses in London coming soon. Workshops can also be tailored to meet the needs of workplaces, schools and colleges and other groups. 



 Mindful   Creativity   Workshops

Hello there, if you want to slow down and take some time out for yourself in a relaxed nurturing space alongside other creative souls then you’re in the right place. 

Here are some of my workshops, which, as you will see, usually focus on a theme and include mindfulness and meditation practices along with a variety of opportunities for creative expression with the aim of increasing your wellbeing.

Some examples of my events are:


  • Taking a Line for a Walk – Mindful drawing for letting go and letting be
  • Mending Clothes, Soothing Hearts – a mindful embroidery workshop 
  • Mindful Journaling for Self-care
  • Mindful Colour Play – an exploratory painting workshop exploring emotions
  • From Nature to Garment – mindfulness and experimental textiles workshop
Taking a line for a walk – Mindful drawing for wellbeing

A fun and exploratory workshop where we work with the intention to let go and let be, noticing our own experience of this push-pull relationship within the medium of drawing.

We mix mindfulness practices with lots of different drawing techniques in this immersive workshop where the focus is on the joy found in the process of drawing itself rather than a finished piece. 

Mending clothing, soothing Hearts

This workshop is in the format of a healing circle and is part educational and part an opportunity to honour our emotional landscape helped by prompts and mindfulness practices.

Basic hand mending stitches will be demonstated.


Mindful journaling

During this workshop, we explore a well-being theme together. The workshop mixes readings and poems, meditations and a series of writing prompts to help us explore the topics together.

We read, we meditate, we write, we share, we heal together.

From Nature to Garment

For as long as I can remember I have loved textiles. I love how they look and feel, and the time and effort it takes to grow and process them.

I deliver a series of workshops around the theme of slow textiles and mindfulness including an experimental workshop where we take inspiration from a mindful walk and draw, print, sew and paint onto a personally loved garment in need of a makeover.




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So what makes Colouring a mindfulness practice?

If you're looking for creative ways to engage with the present moment and perhaps take a break from tech then why not download my free, nature inspired, 32-page Mindful Colouring E-Book where you will find out more about this easy fun creative mindfulness practice.