Mindful Creativity

Creativity is not just for artists but for businesspeople looking for a new way to close a sale. It’s for engineers trying to solve a problem, it’s for parents who want their children to see the world in more that one way.

Twyla Tharp

   Mindfulness for The Creatively Minded


Something magical happens when we are creatively minded and begin to bring mindfulness into our creative practice. We begin to shed light on our tendencies for our harsh inner critic to belittle our efforts or how we strive towards some idealised view of how the end product/piece ‘should’ look and then judge it as not being good enough. And instead, we begin to notice our thoughts and allow them to come and go without paying them too much attention and then just get back to the present moment and into the beautiful freedom of creative flow.

Approaching our creative expression in this way, with a beginner’s mind, being curious about what unfolds as we let go of all expectations and allow the creative expression to be as it is, in the moment. Bliss. 

This accessible form of mindfulness, which awakens our senses, helps us to deeply tune into what is going on for us, beyond the chatter of our day-to-day thoughts which so often take us off into ruminating about the past or worrying about a future not yet here, and gives us some space to ‘be with’ the reality of our actual moment to moment lived experience. 

With practice, we become more self-aware and open as we gently move towards difficulties in our lives that previously we may have avoided or numbed out with ______ [insert your own distraction of choice] but odds are that it’s something like zoning out using social media, keeping ‘busy’ at all costs, drinking or taking drugs more nights a week that you care to admit or binge watching TV and instead you start listening to what needs to be heard to be healed like difficult emotions such as sadness, shame, loneliness, fear and grief.

Through this gentle approach to creative expression, we build a nurturing, self-compassionate relationship with ourselves as we learn to listen to our heart and souls’ needs and desires.

Mindful Creativity Workshops, Courses & Retreats

Here’s a list of some of the workshops and courses I currently offer.  As you will see, each workshop, course or longer retreat usually explores a theme and combine mindfulness practices including embodied mindful movement with a variety of opportunities for creative expression with the aim of increasing your well-being and providing tools for further exploration

Some examples are:

Taking a Line for a Walk – Mindful drawing for letting go and letting be

Mending Clothing, Soothing Hearts – a mindful embroidery course

Mindful Journaling for Self-care – a reflective workshop with stories, poetry and time for reflection

Mindful Colour Play – an exploratory painting workshop exploring our emotional landscape

From Nature to Garment – Nature-based mindfulness and experimental textiles workshop, course and retreat

30 Days of Gratitude – an online course which helps you with mindset change from that of complaining and comparing yourself to others to realising you have everything you need and to live a life of abundance and joy.

The Mindful Path to Creative Expression – an eight-week course in discovering or recovering your creativity and letting it flourish

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