So what makes colouring a mindfulness practice?

Sitting down to colour in your pages whilst watching your favourite TV program might be enjoyable, relaxing even, but this won’t help you to get the full benefits of practicing mindful colouring. 

You see, it’s the intention you set to be with your full experience of mindful colouring, the attention you give to the process as it unfolds in the moment and the attitude of non-judgement, non-striving, curiosity, etc that you bring to the process, that turns this everyday activity into a potentially transformative mindfulness practice.

This way of being with the colouring practice helps you reap the many health benefits this informal practice has to offer.

So here are some suggestions to help you get the most from this mindful creativity practice:

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Linda Corcoran

  • Choose a time and a place when you won’t be disturbed, even 5/10 minutes
  • Before you start, take a few moments to tune into your current state. Do a quick scan of your body, thoughts, and emotions – not trying to change anything, just become aware of whatever your experience is at this time
  • Allow your attention to move on to your breath, not changing your breath just allowing your breath to breathe naturally for a few moments
  • As you start this mindful colouring practice, take a moment to survey your materials perhaps allowing a sense of gratitude for this time you have carved out for yourself to practice in this way
  • When you’re ready, take a pen or brush or whatever medium you have chosen and get a felt sense of it in your hand, its’s weight, texture, etc. then bring this sense of curiosity to the process of the mindful colouring itself
  • As you notice your mind wandering into thought as you are colouring, perhaps making plans or reminiscing over past events, see if you can just acknowledge and note that your mind has wandered (“ahh that’s my mind wandering off thinking about…”) and then just bring your attention back, back to your present moment experience. You will notice that your mind will wander off a lot, as that’s just what minds do. Try not to judge yourself for this, instead, try treating yourself with compassion, perhaps acknowledging the challenge of holding your focus on the present moment, especially in this digital age
  • Continue practising in this way as best you can for the duration of the activity, just coming back to the full sensory experience of colouring 



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