But how do you actually meditate? – If this is something you’ve been wondering about, this post will hopefully offer you some useful guidance along with a simple meditation. Perfect for you if you’re a beginner, or if you want to be able to meditate without the help of a guided audio meditation or app.

Originating in the East, the benefits of meditation are now being scientifically proven by neuroscientists in some of the leading academic communities with fresh cutting edge research being published each month.

There are many approaches to meditation available to beginners today. You can use sound, poetry, art, nature, exercises in focussing, breath work and imaginative guided meditations to name just a few. Nearly all these approaches work by offering you a way of focussing your mind, helping you pay better attention to what’s happening now. Something meditators refer to as being more present!

Meditation and mindfulness can really shift your perspective, helping you feel less scattered and more focussed. Less stressed and more in touch with the joy of being alive. More inspired and less flat. A lot happier and much less worried… What’s not to love about that?

For many people, beginners and those with a little more experience, meditation changes its purpose inline with the intentions of the person meditating. Consider it a little bit like swimming, for example, some people swim to get in shape and others swim to make friends. Some swim to relax and others swim to win competitions. A lot of people get into meditation for the wellbeing benefits, but stay for the pathway to self discovery that meditation paves.

There are many fun and effective approaches to meditation and mindful living and just five minutes of meditation, several times a week is almost certain you bring positive changes.

No matter how you meditate, the more you practice, the easier it becomes and the more you want to do it.

So how do you meditate? Here’s a simple meditation for beginners you can do in under five minutes, and works a treat. Do let me know how it goes, in the comments section below.

How Do You Meditate? A Simple Meditation For Beginners.

Focus: Close your eyes and take ten natural breaths, using your nose if possible. Keep your mind focussed on your breath for those ten breaths. Each time your mind wanders just bring it back. You might be aware of other kinds of thoughts and mental activity going on simultaneously as you focus on your breathing, and that’s ok too, you don’t need to push anything away, just bring your attention back to your breathing again and let the breathing be the main thing you notice.

Listening: Now spend 60 seconds listening to what you can hear where you are. Listening is at the heart of meditation. When we listen we are receptive and open.

Being: Last but not least, now let your attention range freely again, so that you’re not focusing on anything in particular. Rest here for a moment, noticing the difference between paying close attention and being more broadly aware. Keep your eyes closed a moment longer and move your attention from the outside world to your own inner presence. Be interested! What’s happening within you, with a little viewing, is fascinating.

How Do You Meditate? A Simple Meditation For Beginners.

And there you have it, a simple meditation for beginners. I hope you enjoy a few minutes of practice today. Do leave a comment and let me know what you think.