Mindful Creativity


When we bring mindfulness into creative practice something magical happens. We become aware of our tendencies for our harsh inner critic to belittle our efforts or how we strive towards some idealised view of how the end product ‘should’ look. Instead, we let the thoughts go and get back into the wonderful freedom of creative flow. Approaching the creative experience with beginner’s mind, being curious about what might unfold as we let go of all expectations and allow the creative expression to be as it is, in the moment. Bliss.

This embodied form of mindfulness which uses all the senses helps us deeply tune into what is going on for us, beyond the chatter of our day-to-day thoughts and gives us some space to ‘be with’ our experience. With practice we become more self-aware as we gently move towards difficulties in our lives like unexpressed grief and other emotions.

Drawing on over 10 years’ experience of teaching creative arts to thousands of students, young and old, and my own extensive mindfulness and creative practices. Courses offered combine mindfulness practices with drawing, painting, stitch and other textiles practices, collage, photography and more.

Courses are available online with some in-person courses in London coming soon. Workshops can also be tailored to meet the needs of workplaces and other groups.

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So what makes Colouring a mindfulness practice?

If you're looking for creative ways to engage with the present moment and perhaps take a break from tech then why not download my free, nature inspired, 32-page Mindful Colouring E-Book where you will find out more about this easy fun creative mindfulness practice.