(Dates to be Confirmed)

(Date temporarily postponed due to Covid restrictions)

Slow Down, Take a Breath and Witness your Creativity Flow

One Day Weekend Mindfulness & Creativity Retreats

Amber Springs Hotel, Gorey

Slow Down, Take a Breath and Witness your Creativity Flow

Experience the joy of of Mindfulness & learn skills, to help you connect with your Natural Creative Flow.

These specially designed retreats offer a full day of guided mindfulness-practice infused with Creativity.

Retreat Fee : €90 (Includes Lunch)

WHEN:   Dates to be Confirmed (Date temporarily postponed due to Covid restrictions)

Retreat Theme

MINDFULNESS & CREATIVE FLOWA One Day Mindfulness & Creativity Retreat dedicated to your well-being. Experience the deep inner stillness, which is available through practicing Mindfulness and Meditation, AND Learn how to identify and work with the blocks, that hold us back from our natural state of Creative Flow. These specially designed retreats offer a full day of guided mindfulness-practice and exercises, infused with creativity.Retreat Fee : €90 (Includes Lunch)   Our minds are usually racing with thoughts, pre-occupations, worries, anxieties, problem-solving, remembering and anticipating. This tends to leave us stressed out and often overwhelmed. We seldom bring our attention into the present moment and return back to this moment NOW. Mindfulness offers us the practical tools and skills to develop the ability to anchor our attention in the present moment and thus be able to enjoy our lives as they are happening moment by moment. We learn to live less in our heads thinking about experience and more in our body, mindfully sensing experience directly ‘as it is happening’. When we practice mindfulness, we practice paying attention on purpose to what is happening moment by moment. Our awareness of all the details of our experience increases as we learn to observe and sense with an attitude of Non-Judgment and Curiosity. Our ability to be Creative is directly related to our capacity to be Mindful. The more mindful we are, the more we can access creative flow. This workshop will show you how this is possible, and how they directly relate to each-other. 

What to Expect:This day is dedicated to your well-being. You will be gently guided throughout the day through a series of Mindfulness practices and creative exercises Guided meditation sittings will be interwoven with facilitated exercises including.• Mindful Listening• Mindful communication• Mindful Looking• Mindful Eating• Mindful Movement• Mindful Body Scan• Mindful Creativity What to Bring:You will need to wear comfortable loose clothes that do not restrict your breathing. Please wear leggings or sweatpants (skirts are not advisable) as we will be doing Mindful Movement. Previous participants on Mindfulness & Creativity workshops include:Meditators from all backgrounds, Primary / Secondary Teachers, Visual Artists, Musicians, Poets, Yoga Instructors, Business Owners, Architects, Designers, Chefs, Restaurant owners, Web Designers, Photographers, Art Therapists, Sound Therapists, Housewives /Househusbands, Parents, and Adults from all walks of life. To Book Your PlaceRetreat Fee : €90 (Includes Lunch)• Max No 10 Places: Places are limited to 10 participants on each retreat, to ensure comfort, quality and group connection• All materials / equipment supplied• If you have any queries contact Una on (0879819821)