mindfulness coaching

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am,
then I can change.” Carl Rogers

It’s so much easier to learn new skills and instil new habits with some support and accountability, so if you are unable to attend one of the group courses then mindfulness coaching may be for you. 

Working with me online one-to-one via zoom or phone, you’ll have:

  • Expert meditation training
  • Access to all the valuable hints and tips I have gained from my practice
  • Sessions that have been adapted to meet your individual needs
  • A safe space to inquire into your practice and explore themes in your life
  • Instant answers to your questions as your practice develops

Choose from:

  • Individual one-hour mindfulness coaching sessions
  • A four-session introductory mindfulness course, providing you with a tool-box of techniques you can use in daily life
  • A full eight-session mindfulness coaching programme, covering everything you would learn on the gold standard MBSR course which is taught throughout the world

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