Workplace Mindfulness


I take a particular interest in workplace mindfulness training. At an individual level; developing greater well-being, resilience, performance and relationships – and at an organisational level; contributing to positive change in workplace culture. I believe that our modern workplaces can contribute hugely to society by taking good care of their employees.

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf”

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Practising mindfulness is a bit like being given a manual to how we work; providing a blueprint that is unique to each of us. In the workplace, it can help with presence, and clarity of thinking, improve our focus and decision-making, lighten the load that so many of us feel at work, and improve how we work and communicate in teams. Together, these add up to improve performance, creativity, resilience, well-being, and skills like communication and emotional intelligence.

My approach to teaching mindfulness within the workplace draws on a 20-year operational management career with responsibility for staff management and welfare within a diverse range of companies and a 10-year teaching career where I taught creative subjects within some challenging inner-London secondary schools. This experience has enabled me to understand the challenges of high-stress environments and the cost to the morale and well-being of staff.

My career path has given me a unique insight into many different business cultures.


Mindfulness Training packages (3-8 sessions, 30-90 minutes each)

  • Introduction to mindfulness workshops which give some theoretical background to mindfulness including the Neuroscience of mindfulness. Sessions have an opportunity to practice mindfulness practices. 
  • Introduction to mindfulness courses which are usually taught over 4/6 weeks and explore:
  • What is mindfulness? What is it not.
  • Why is it useful?
  • An introduction to meditation.
  • What are stressors? Learning to respond to stressors instead of reacting.
  • Mindful practices in our every day lives.
  • Mindfulness as an act of radical self-care
  • ‘Being with’ difficulty

1-2 hour single Mindfulness meditation sessions

  • Regular weekly or monthly mindfulness sessions (both online or in the workplace)
  • Mindful meetings
  • General well-being workshops including:
    • self-care for mental health and wellbeing
    • managing increased stress, isolation, and blurred lines between work and home life
    • bouncing back – practices to increase resilience
    • emotional intelligence
    • sleep hygiene
    • understanding stress and anxiety
    • mindful communication
    • climate change anxiety and positive actions

Sessions generally include didactic content, experiential practices, and large and small group discussion.

Other custom content ideas tailored to your events or wellness initiatives

Full consultation services are available including employee audits and the roll-out of well-being programs.


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